What do I wear to a headshot session?

The number one thing is to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on having your photo taken and being coached while tugging at your clothes and fussing.

Bring clothes that you love! And if you have a style stick to it! We want you to feel fabulous and confident when you step in front of the camera, so make sure you feel great in every item you bring. You may need to go on a bit of a shopping spree, but chances are your go-to faves are exactly what you bring.

Some ideas regarding range: different cuts, necklines, colours, textures. Layers are a great idea, and seasonal items aren't an issue here... we're looking for things that speak volumes about you, not the season we're shooting in. 

For men needing corporate: different jackets, ties, shirt combinations

For women in corporate: a variety of tops, dresses, jackets. Keep the high heels at home unless they make you feel confident.

Jewellery: Keep it simple, and to a minimum UNLESS it's your thing. 

Glasses: If you wear them, chances are you have more than one pair. Bring them in. Glare is something we'll need to work through, but it won't be a showstopper.

What about my hair?

We prefer it if you come in with your hair ready the way you prefer it. We want you to have a great hair day.

For men, we don't recommend hair or makeup. But if you have a beard, or the makings of one, it might be worth having a grooming session before you come in.

Session Availability

Because we work with a lot of corporate clients on location and interstate, we only open out bookings up for the month ahead. If there is a problem during booking and the timeslot you need isn't available, please give us a call and we'll do our best to sort something out for you. 

Our pricing is made up of two parts - session fee (the cost of the photography session), and product (the images you want to purchase). Most Session Fees include a finished image or more, depending on the package. You are welcome to purchase more images if required.

To keep our schedule on track, and make it fair for other clients, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit on the session fee up front. This is part of the booking process.

The rest of the fee is due on the day of your session.

Our product, i.e., the images you want to buy, are $100 per image. This is payable prior to delivery of the final images to you and is invoiced after you've made your selection. You will need to factor this into your budget, but it does mean that we cater for all budgets and requirements.

We are fair, and believe we charge fair and reasonable prices, so please don't ask for a discount/deal. Once you become our client, we offer a discount of our session fees for you on individual headshots, so if you need an update in a year or two, we've got you covered.

Terms and Conditions

Rod Cage photography and website www.rodcagephotography.com is owned and operated by Rod Cage (ABN: 40 456 574 654), TEL: 0487206839

You must agree to these terms and conditions before booking your headshots. If you are booking on behalf of a minor, you must agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of the minor, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and the legal guardian of the minor. 

Rod may terminate your booking without refund in event of a breach of any of these terms and conditions.

1: Shooting with Rod

Rod has a distinctive and photographic style. Please review Rod’s work at his website www.rodcagephotography to confirm that Rod’s style suits your requirements.

  • Rod photographs Portraits and Headshots, which are captured in colour, unless otherwise agreed.
  • All booked appointments will start and end as scheduled unless agreed upon by both parties and monetarily compensated.
  • All bookings must take place online on Rod Cage’s website at www.rodcagephotography.com/contact or via email to rod@rodcagephotography.com.
  • Rod provides natural light and on location studio lit headshot services.
  • Rod may agree to travel to another location at your request. Any services requiring travel will be subject to further fees and further terms and conditions.
  • Rod will provide an accurate representation as to your appearance and mood on the day. A retouch is limited to correcting minor blemishes, cropping and grading colours only. More substantial changes such as a change of background, hair and makeup or outfit will require additional fees and may also require a reshoot.
  • Following payment, Rod will send your images to you via WeTransfer which will contain your headshots.
  • Any delivery requests for your headshots outside of what is offered in clause (1.8) will be subject to further fees and further terms and conditions.
  • COVID-19 protocol and checklist must be completed before arriving to your session. Answers to these questions are governed by law in clause (9). Rod is fully vaccinated and may wear a mask during the shoot. Safe physical distancing can be maintained during the session. All used surfaces are sanitised before each client arrives.

2. Payment

Photoshoot fees found on Rod’s website may change at any time. Once your photoshoot has been booked, Rod’s fees for the shoot are confirmed.

  • Rod requests that payment be completed prior to your shoot via direct or on the day of your photoshoot and preferably in cash. If a cash payment on the day is not possible, Rod will accept direct electronic transfer 3 business days prior to your booking, including a receipt of the transfer.
  • All fees are non-refundable.

3. How to reschedule or cancel your booking 

At any time leading up to the 24 hours prior to your scheduled photoshoot, Rod may reschedule the photoshoot without penalty.

  • To reschedule you must
    • email Rod at rod@rodcagephotography.com or
    • telephone Rod at 0487206839, and speak with Rod. Reschedule messages left on Rod’s voice mail will not be effective or accepted.
  • Rod will reschedule your photoshoot by sending you an email or sms to the contact details you have provided.
  • Any reschedules or cancellations within the 24 hours prior to your photoshoot will require full payment as set out in your booking email.
  • Rod may waive the cancellation fee or may require a reschedule within the 24 hour window in the event circumstances such as family emergencies, if Rod or you are unwell (contagious), or if weather conditions on the day are poor.

4. Collection of personal information?

 Rod collects and retains personal information about you such as your name, email, telephone, address, billing information and other information related to his services. You agree that Rod will share your personal information to relevant third party service providers who work with Rod.

5. Ownership of your headshots 

Once full payment is made for your headshots and Rod’s work completed, the headshots belong to you.

  • You agree that Rod may use copies of your photographs in association with his business for promotional purposes including social media.
  • Copyright and moral rights to the photographs remains with Rod Cage.

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